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Student Shop Managers Consortium (SSMC) is a community of practice for personnel in academic making environments and affiliates.


Membership in the Student Shop Managers Consortium shall be comprised of persons who have paid dues to the Student Shop Managers Consortium within the fiscal year, and those who paid the SSMC Conference* registration fee and/or attended the conference in the preceding fiscal year.


Membership is free with Conference Registration!

or just $25/year!

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Benefits of Membership

Networking. The SSMC offers a variety of forums for student shop professionals to connect with industry peers and exchange ideas.

Discounts. Society members receive discounted pricing on conferences and other sponsored events or training.

Members Only. Society members receive access to exclusive events, forums, discussion threads and career resources.

Education. The SSMC sponsors programming to educate members and offer materials to assist education of students/users.

Professional Development. Society members can take advantage of career development training, job listings, and mentor programs to enhance position.

Volunteer. Society members may participate as board members, committee chairpersons and committee volunteers.

Voting Rights. Regular society members are entitled to vote annual proxies.

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SSMC is a 501(c)3 non-profit organization. USA